Patient Testimonials

  • Mark S

    I have had such a great experience at Bryant Physical Therapy! The staff is extremely friendly and knowlegeble. They really make your time there fun. They monitor your progress and help keep you motivated. Thank you Bryant PT!

    Mark S.

  • Patricia H.

    very organized and friendly space to be in and around enjoyed the time spent here

    Patricia H.

  • Christine N.

    I’ve been to few different physical therapies in past did not care for it until i came to Bryant. I liked the way they individually help each one of client with care and willing improve our selves for better health.

    Christine N.

  • Octavio M.

    Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very efficient in getting one to 100%.

    Octavio M.

  • Christie and her staff go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of. They gave me relief from the tight muscles in my neck and back that I haven’t felt in years. I would recommend them to anyone who needs quality hands on treatment. 5 Stars!!

    Travis W.

  • Elizabeth R.

    Every time I walk in, the atmosphere is incredible. You can feel the hard work everyone puts in. Everyone is super helpful! I’m going to miss it!

    Elizabeth R.

  • James T.

    I love coming to physical therapy, the people that had helped me get healthy has been a big help. I am grateful for the love and patience they have with patients and they always treat patients fairly. Also, at therapy they will get you on the right path to get better in whatever injury you have. The workouts are amazing and they will get you better than ever. I’ve been coming to this physical therapy for a while now and every time I walk in there is always a good energy in the air. Most of all, physical therapy is great, it helps get you up and going and this is the place to go.

    James T.

  • Chelsea

    The staff is awesome, my hand& arm are feeling a lot better than they were. The staff asks plenty of questions to insure you’re not being hurt and you’re comfortable. They’re great and I highly recommend them. 🙂


  • The moment i walked thru the doors i was greeted by Armida who made me feel welcomed. She scheduled all my therapy sessions at times that were convenient for me.
    Then i was introduced to Dr. Christine Bryant and right away she discussed my treatment plan which was specific to my life’s passion of bass fishing. She incorporated specific exercises involving fishing motions to get me back on track in a timely manner.
    And last but not least Maggie is the person who guides me through each step to ensure that I’m getting the most from my program.
    Bottom line a great staff and a great facility.

    Michael P.

  • I’m a 47yr old lifelong athlete and swimmer that saw Christie back in 2015 after multiple shoulder surgeries and neck procedures…Seeing she had her own practice now, I went back on my own due to having developed chronic pain issues in my mid-back and shoulder-blade areas. During the initial evaluation, Christie was able to identify areas in my back that were in a state of atrophy from improper work-out routines, thereby causing imbalanced muscles and a constant battle going on between my right and left sides inflaming with impingement, spasms, “catching or clicking” and ongoing strains…I went for 5 sessions, got the set of exercises and training I needed to rebuild these areas but also properly rebuild the balance between my shoulders/scapula/neck/back/core/legs…The whole staff is awesome and makes sure that your ENTIRE body will be working together. not just the specific area causing trouble. There is ONE THING TO REMEMBER…you HAVE to do your exercises at home — religiously as directed by Bryant PT — If not, don’t expect to see see the results and recovery time that Bryant Orthopedic prescribes for you. You have to do the work to get better. Every. Single. Day. I would not go anywhere else for my PT or a fresh perspective on whole body health.

    Keith C.

  • I had a good experience while attending Bryant Orthopedic. They got a great staff that pushes you to recover and get stronger.

    Arnold H.

  • Christie and her crew were awesome. I felt so welcomed each time i came in. Thanks for helping me go through the healing process of my ankle so that I could go back to the sport i love the most soccer!!

    Jacqueline A.


    Dr. Bryant and her staff are absolutely fantastic! The best part about her clinic is not the state of the art treatment and rehabilitation techniques which she uses to ensure her clients are coming out as strong as ever. It is the family environment which her and her staff expand onto each individual client. You can feel the genuine care that she has for each individual as she and her staff take you through each step of your rehab. Hands down the best PT clinic in the Merced area!!

    Noah C.

  • Dr. Bryant and staff are the best!! I tore the patella tendon in both knees. From my first visit to my last, I felt welcomed, comfortable, encouraged, and supported by the entire staff. Dr. Bryant collaborated with my surgeon throughout the entire process. During therapy, she knew when to push and when to back off a bit. She would listen to any concerns I might have with my rehab and adjust accordingly. They were flexible and accommodating with appointments. I couldn’t ask for a better rehab experience and would, without hesitation, recommend them to anyone. It was a bittersweet moment when I didn’t need to go anymore. I was glad to have progressed in my recovery but was sad to not see Dr. Bryant and her staff on a regular basis. I miss them and still stop in when I’m in the area.

    Mike R.

  • Bryant Orthopedic pt is awesome!!! Thank you Christie for caring about each and every one of your patients. The staff is experienced and friendly. My family and I would not go anywhere else for any of our physical therapy needs. After having a complete knee replacement it was comforting to go someplace That worked with you and managed my care carefully. Thank you Christie. You are amazing.

    Dee M.

  • Dr. Bryant is such a great therapist! She really knows how to make you feel at home once you’re at the clinic. At times, therapy can seem a bit nerve recking, but she really knows how to talk to you and reassure you that everything is going to be okay. She shows you different & fun ways on how to strengthen your body back up. I really feel her genuine personality & motivation can help anyone get through physical therapy!

    Cynthia M.

  • I would highly recommend this place of business. They treat you with respect and they are very personable. Christy and Maggie definitely know their stuff!! They helped get my lower back stronger and helped me to fully recover from a back injury. They also personalize a plan to suit you, and they push you to get better. This place is awesome!!!

    Richard M.

  • Best physical therapist in the valley very friendly atmosphere when I was there I felt just like I was family flexible scheduling on appointments.

    Christopher G.

  • I have been treated by Bryant Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy for a variety of conditions over the past year. I have been very satisfied with my treatments by the physical therapists and staff. Everyone has always been friendly and respectful during my care and I would recommend them to anyone.

    Minh H.

  • I loved working with my therapist Christie. She would push me and motivate me to get through my therapy sessions. I noticed a huge improvement on my knees after the first couple sessions. This is a great place to go with a really friendly staff. I would highly recommend them!

    Tracy B.

  • Bryant Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy is the best place to go for physical therapy! The staff is amazing! They are friendly and knowledgeable. They work hard to help with injuries and improving range of motion. Hopefully, I won’t ever need to have surgery again, but if I ever need PT I will DEFINITELY go to them!

    Tina I.

  • Delia

    I went to Bryant Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy to rehab my left knee after an ACL tear and I’m really glad I did. The appointment times were very flexible so I could fit them into my schedule easily. Everyone there is always super kind, encouraging, and funny. It’s a really positive environment. Rehab isn’t always easy, but Christie Bryant made it fun and helped me get to where I needed to be. I am now fully recovered and back to playing basketball. I highly recommend Bryant Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy for anyone needing physical therapy! They’re the best!

    Delia M.

  • I really enjoy coming to physical therapy, it has improved my mobility tremendously. Christie is very good at what she does!

    Paul R.

  • Sylviva Atwater & Merced, CA

    Love this place everyone is so kind and a wonderful environment. My son received the best therapy care. He enjoyed going to therapy.

    Sylvia R.

  • Valerie Atwater & Merced, CA

    I am in my early twenties and have had four knee surgeries due to playing basketball in high school and at the collegiate level. After having many different PT experiences, it is safe for me to say that Christie was by far the best PT experience I have had. I initially saw Christie Bryant for an ankle sprain, but she has helped me strengthen not only my ankles but my knees as well. She is an amazing PT who cares about her patients. Every session I received individual attention and new exercises were introduced which made things interesting. The staff is welcoming and I felt very at home. I recommend this place for anyone ranging from your average joe to high-level athletes.

    Valerie M.