Keith C.

I’m a 47yr old lifelong athlete and swimmer that saw Christie back in 2015 after multiple shoulder surgeries and neck procedures…Seeing she had her own practice now, I went back on my own due to having developed chronic pain issues in my mid-back and shoulder-blade areas. During the initial evaluation, Christie was able to identify areas in my back that were in a state of atrophy from improper work-out routines, thereby causing imbalanced muscles and a constant battle going on between my right and left sides inflaming with impingement, spasms, “catching or clicking” and ongoing strains…I went for 5 sessions, got the set of exercises and training I needed to rebuild these areas but also properly rebuild the balance between my shoulders/scapula/neck/back/core/legs…The whole staff is awesome and makes sure that your ENTIRE body will be working together. not just the specific area causing trouble. There is ONE THING TO REMEMBER…you HAVE to do your exercises at home — religiously as directed by Bryant PT — If not, don’t expect to see see the results and recovery time that Bryant Orthopedic prescribes for you. You have to do the work to get better. Every. Single. Day. I would not go anywhere else for my PT or a fresh perspective on whole body health.